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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a great way to unwind from stress and tension built up over time. Let Massage Solace satisfy your craving for relaxation and stress relief through traditional massage techniques. For even greater results, invigorate your body with specialized massage techniques to enhance circulation, remove chronic patterns of tension and decrease rehabilitation(rehab) time.

Why Massage?

Massage can benefit your health in many ways. Massage not only can ease sore, achy muscles, but also can reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels, enhance immune function, boost levels of endorphins and serotonin (the body's natural painkillers and mood regulators) and increase blood circulation. Lactic acid builds up in muscles after workouts and exercise. Massage can release this trapped lactic acid and reduce muscle recovery time. Massage also promotes the clearing of normal byproducts of muscle metabolism. Help your body feel its best with a health enhancing massage from Massage Solace of Oregon City.

Rehabilitation Massage Specialist

Rehabilitation Massage is important for any person who has been involved in a car accident, sports injury, work related accident, or extra stress to the body after major gardening/yard work. Typically, rehabilitative massage requires a program of massage, exercises and stretches to enhance recovery.

Which massage technique is right for you? Click on a massage technique to learn more.

~ CranioSacral Therapy

~ Deep Tissue

~ Meridian Tapping

~ Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

~ Pain Management

~ Therapeutic Swedish Massage

~ Visceral Manipulation



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